Sidney, College Student

 "I've been riding bicycles my entire life, and I really love the Rocket bicycle because it gives me a full body workout, full cardio.  It's great because working out in gym, I really enjoy, but I would much rather be outside in the air, enjoying the scenario.  This bike is incredible because it works my legs and my arms, and I can do it leisurely or a full workout.  I really enjoy it.  It's a great bike!" 

Kathy, Sports Enthusiast

 "I love my Rocket!  I've been riding bikes my whole life.  I've had lots of different kinds of bikes, but this is the first bike I feel really gives me an efficient ride.  I've ridden across the country, from coast to coast, but even at that point, getting off the bike, I didn't feel like I had the upper body strength I needed to stay healthy.  At this point, I've found that I really have the bike I need.  I can go up hills, long distances, short distances, and come home and still feel as though I've gotten a full body workout.  Another thing that's important for me about this bike, is that bone density at my age is something I have to be concerned about, and this bike gives me both weight bearing exercise for my upper body as well as my lower body.  So I really love this bike, it's the ultimate bike for me!" 

Scott, Salesman, Two Wheeler Dealer


"The Rocket bicycle for us has been an innovation.  Something you can't get from a simple, traditional bicycle.  It combines the aspects of hand cycling with pedaling to a greater degree than anything else that we've seen.  Hopefully, it breaks new boundaries in the world of cycling."

Tanya, Personal Trainer, Physicque Design

 "As a personal trainer, I really encourage my clients to work more than one muscle part at the time.  I want them to work the abs, the legs.  But with Revolutionary Rocket, you're working more than that.  As you pump the handles, you're working the triceps, the shoulders, and the chest.  The core is always engaged.  You're working the thighs, hamstrings, calves.  You're getting it done!  You're working everything!  Not only are you strengthening and toning those muscles, you're also working cardio - burning calories, burning fat.  So if you're looking for a great way to get in shape, Revolutionary Rocket is for you!" 

Gwen and Gary, Married Couple Tandem Rocket Fans


Dear Kathy and Alex,

Thank you so very much for the magnificent tandem bicycle you sent to us which we received yesterday afternoon. We were very excited to get it so quickly. It is 100% completely awesome! WE LOVE IT!

My husband put the bike together after he got home from work yesterday but we only had time to ride it for a few minutes before we had to leave the house for another appt we had. Unfortunately, my husband is at work again right now and they predict rain for later today and tomorrow here, but I can't wait to get a proper chance to ride it again, hopefully Sunday afternoon when my husband gets home from work, if the weather cooperates.

From the short ride that we had yesterday I can see we will need a little bit of practice time with it until we get coordinated properly and feel confident and at ease with it. We hope to get some more practice in the next few days and get it all worked out how we will secure it properly in our pick up truck so we can take it to the local bike trails we like to ride on (we live in a very rural hilly area with very winding narrow country roads, and can not ride bikes safely on the streets around here-it is way too dangerous to even walk on the edge of the roads, with the insane way people drive around here!)

We were trying to ride the bike in the backyard in the grass yesterday so that makes it harder, getting on to a straight stretch of proper roadway will make the learning process easier I think!

Our friend came over yesterday and was totally amazed and impressed by the bike, as I am sure every person who sees it will be.

Thank-you again so much for inventing such a magnificent machine, we can see you put a lot of thought and effort into this, it is a wonderful machine and the parts are well made of quality materials. My husband is a very mechanically oriented person (and very particular and opinionated about how things are made and designed) and he is totally impressed with it, so that is really a great compliment to you and all your hard work and effort.

I will keep you posted on our progress with it and I will keep those cards you gave me handy when we go on the trail with it, I'm sure we will make a lot of new friends as everyone will be asking us about it, and where they could get one. We wish you good success with your business.

Gwen and Gary